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His lawyer is given bail, but his passport is confiscated. He is made to stay in London by the police, who repeatedly threaten him and his family. While Shekar is in prison, his brother Vishnu tells him that the man responsible for Priti's murder is named Amal. He says that Amal is the son of a former MP, "G. K. Saxena". But when shekar asks him who G.K. Saxena is, Vishnu says he doesn't know. Shekar thinks that Vishnu is hiding something, and puts together a plan to search G.K. Saxena's property. Saxena searches G.K. Saxena's residence and meets with Durga Saxena, a cousin of G.K. Saxena, who knows nothing about Amal. Durga says that Amal is actually Vishnu Saxena's younger brother, whom they never knew existed, as he was born after Vishnu's mother died. It is revealed that Amal's real name is Anuj and he is Vishnu's half-brother. He had become estranged from his father, who had died some time before the murder, and is now working as an English barrister. He has known that he was Amal since he was a child and that it was the name he would be called by. His father believed that the name Amal was an "outcaste name" and that it would harm his career, and therefore kept it a secret. When Amal hears that Vishnu has informed on him, he tries to flee the country but Durga catches up with him. Durga tells Amal that she does not want to hurt her father and that he and Vishnu will help him. Vishnu, Shekar and Anuj (who had previously met in London) travel to London together, and Shekar contacts his father. Saxena tells him that Anuj's name means "Unite the world". Durga also tries to talk to Amal, and she is a good friend of his mother and wishes to see him happy. Amal asks her to get some time off work, and she agrees to meet him for dinner. The men watch as Amal leaves, and they follow him, believing that Durga has been tricked into helping him. They find Amal at the Ritz Hotel, where he is speaking with Lekha Singh, the woman from his kirtan party. Vishnu and Shekar arrive at the



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Kasoor Full Movie Hd Free Download
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